David Pearse
Property Managers Institute of New Zealand

2 October, 2020


The Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ) is broadly supportive of efforts to reform and upskill those working in the residential property management sector.

President David Pearse says PROMINZ only exists because a group of committed property professionals decided that standards within the residential property management sector were too low, and they were committed to efforts to raise industry standards.

“We’d want a seat at the table given that the recent policy statement from Labour is fairly light on detail.  A key question for us, is what is the expectation of private landlords? They may not employ professional property managers - they need upskilling too.”

In terms of a code of conduct, PROMINZ has been developing a strong code of compulsory ethics and education and is about to launch its trademarked Accredited Residential Property Managers (ARPM) qualification.

“This announcement isn’t really a surprise,” says David Pearse.

“We have a conference planned in early November where possible regulation is a strong feature, and we’re opening it up to a fairly broad audience.

“In the end it doesn’t really matter which party wins the election, we should all be pushing harder to raise the bar.”