Post Nominals

As highly regarded property professionals and members of the Institute we should always strive to be the best. We encourage you to use your post nominals as these will set you apart from your peers and are recognised by the public.

Code of Ethics

As a recognised and respected membership organisation the Property Institute and its members are governed by a prescribed set of rules that provide transparency and public accountability. As members you have an obligation to adhere the Institutes code of ethics and to ensure that you follow best practise guidelines in all business interactions.


By ensuring that you follow best practise guidelines means that should a complaint arise you have followed the recommended guidelines as laid out by the Property Valuation and Standards board.

Further information regarding the PINZ complaints process can be found here.

International Valuation Standards (IVS)

IVS consists of mandatory requirements that must be followed in order to state that a valuation was performed. Many IVS relate directly to the valuation profession but some do relate to non-valuer activity these are indicated below.

 It is advised that you become familiar with IVS as a property professional. You can view the full IVS here.

Guidance Papers Best Practise

Guidance Papers for Property Professionals and Valuers are developed and revised by the Australian Standards Steering Committee and New Zealand Standards Boards. All Valuation Guidance Papers are approved by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers Council (NZIV) for use by its members. 

Non-valuation-based papers are adopted by the Standards Board. The documents are effective from the date referenced on each document.

We have highlighted the most relevant guidance papers for property related professionals below. The full list can be viewed here.