This check list is designed to inform those intending to apply to the Valuers Registration Board (VRB) for registration as a valuer in New Zealand under the Valuers Act 1948. 

What you need

  1. Be at least 23 years of age
  2. Be of good character and reputation.
  3. Have attained a reasonable standard of professional competence, which the VRB recognises as having been obtained under the direct supervision of a registered valuer.
  4. Hold a recognised certificate, or have passed an examination approved by the VRB. 
  5. Had not less than the equivalent of 3 years full time practical experience in the valuing of land, during the 10 years immediately prior to making an application.
  6. Have sufficient practical experience in a broad range of valuation competencies.
  7. Certified academic transcript from the university.
  8. Name and contact details of three persons nominated as referees whom are domiciled in New Zealand. Two of the referees must be Registered Valuers and one of whom must have close knowledge of the applicant’s valuation work, having acted in a supervisory capacity over a prolonged period.
  9. Full details of the CPD completed during the three years practical experience - CPD must include a practical on-going understanding of a Registered Valuer Code of Ethics, and valuation standards. Click here to find out more.
  10. Full workbook in a clearly readable format, in a font size not less than Times New Roman 10 point or equivalent. Refer to example.
  11. A completed application form VRB1 which can be downloaded direct from the VRB.
  12. The appropriate fee payable to the VRB as an invoice will be generated from the VRB once the application for registration has been processed.

Notice to Applicants
The information on this page is correct as of Sept 2022 & is meant purely as a guide. The onus is on the individual applicants to ensure they have the most up-to-date information as provided in the Registration Requirements Manual issued by the VRB. 

All those making an application to the VRB seeking registration must submit a signed application form on which it states that they have read and complied with the latest version of the Registration Requirements Manual.