The VRB will require evidence of your continuing professional development so it is advisable to keep your CPD records up to date. As a graduate you will be covered under the PINZ CPD Policy effective 01 Jan 2023.

Upon registration, as an NZIV member you will be subsequently required to fully comply with the NZIV CPD policy effective 01 January 2023.

Your CPD diary is linked to your membership portal which can be accessed here by logging into your account from the member login icon found on the top right hand side of the page.

You are required to provide full details of the CPD completed during the three years practical experience to the VRB.

To request a copy of you PINZ/NZIV annual CPD compliance certificates please click here.

PINZ certificates on their own are not conclusive evidence that the CPD undertaken by an applicant will meet the VRB's expectations for the maintenance of theoretical knowledge between the date of completion of formal academic qualifications and the date of application for registration.

Applicants for registration should retain full details of the specific activities comprising their CPD and include this information with their application to the VRB. If submitting this or any other information to the VRB, the font size must be easily readable.

CPD must include a practical on-going understanding of a NZIV Code of Ethics, and valuation standards that are regularly updated.

NZIV Code Of Ethics - A sound and current knowledge of the Ethical obligations of Valuers is a prerequisite to making an application for registration.

Valuation Standards - As part of CPD a sound and current understanding of International Valuation Standards and Australian and New Zealand Standards and Technical Information Papers is mandatory. This may include Exposure Drafts relevant to a registered valuer’s related work.

Upcoming CPD Educational Events

Each year PINZ provides CPD accredited education and events. 

All of these events can found in the events directory on the PINZ website.  

PINZ also has an extensive library of webinar recordings.