An initial qualification cannot prepare the professionals of today with all the skills and knowledge they will need throughout their working lives.

Plant and Machinery Valuers need to keep abreast of changes in many areas, including standards, ethics, legislation, business management, and quality assurance.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, our fellow members and our clients to ensure that we are current with professional and industry standards and best practice – and the best way to achieve this is to continually reflect on and plan your training and development based on your current and future professional needs.

We provide PMVI members specific CPD via Seminars, Webinars, Online Learning Modules and Conferences. 

If you have a CPD topic or speaker you would like to recommend please contact us.

Continuing Professional Development

The purpose of the PINZ CPD policy is to provide a clear framework for Continuing Professional Development requirements for members of the Property Institute of New Zealand and therefore the Plant and Machinery Valuers Institute.

PMVI members must comply with the PINZ CPD policy unless they are also NZIV members, in which case they would need to comply with NZIV CPD Policy.

PINZ CPD Policy 


Ethics and Standards 

As part of the PINZ CPD Policy every two years  PMVI members must participate in and successfully complete the PINZ Professional Ethics and PINZ Professional Standards modules.