The New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) was formed in 1938, and given a statutory role in 1948 with the passage of the Valuers Act 1948.

Section 10 of the Valuers Acts sets out the key functions of NZIV:

  • to promote and encourage ethical conduct among valuers and other members of the Institute; and
  • to preserve and maintain the integrity and status of valuers and other members of the Institute generally; and
  • to provide opportunities for the acquisition and communication of knowledge in relation to the valuing of land and related subjects; and
  • to consider and suggest amendments to the law relating to the valuing of land and related subjects; and
  • to provide means for the amicable settlement of professional differences; and
  • to protect and promote the interests of the profession of valuing and the interests of the public in relation to valuations of land and related subjects.

The NZIV also maintains its own Rules and Code of Ethics, which can only be changed with the approval of the Minister responsible for the Valuers Act 1948.

Elected NZIV members from various regions make up the NZIV Council and the President is elected by Council.  The Council of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers is comprised of:

  • 3 members from each of the three regions (Northern, Central and Southern)
  • the President
  • A member of NZIV as appointed by the Valuer General

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The NZIV has a Service Level Agreement with the Property Institute of New Zealand, who performs professional administration and management support services on NZIV's behalf, to execute the strategies and responsibilities of NZIV.

The organisation structure of NZIV can be found below.