There are a lot of property managers operating in New Zealand, and at the present time they do not need to be regulated. This creates a level of risk for property owners wishing to employ a property manager as they have no way to validate the knowledge and experience of the property manager

At PROMINZ we set professional standards, enhance sector professionalism, support the industry, challenge - where and when needed, and deliver accredited qualifications to the NZ residential property management profession

Professional Advice

PROMINZ members must comply with our Code of Ethics, CPD policy, and Rules of our Institute. Our members must also hold Public Liability Insurance.

Complaints and Discipline

PROMINZ is a professional organisation whose objective is to promote and stimulate improvements in the technical and general knowledge of individuals engaged in residential property management. In doing so, it aims to achieve high standards of practice and professionalism. Its members are required to operate within a Code of Practice and Code of Ethics.

These Codes are not intended to be a comprehensive statement but rather an introduction to the principles to which PROMINZ members are expected to adhere. It is a condition of membership that all members undertake to be bound by the Codes and the standard of conduct implicit in the Rules of the Institute.

Please read the PROMINZ Code of Practice and the PROMINZ Code of Ethics and the PROMINZ Complaints Procedure prior to contacting the Property Institute of New Zealand.