The Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ) is committed to setting and promoting higher standards in residential property management. The mission of PROMINZ is to:

• Raise industry standards through innovation, education, communication, and sharing best practice advice from trusted, and experienced operators;

• Instil confidence by promoting fairness with a robust code of ethics, membership rules, common sense public advocacy, and advancing a culture that encourages continuing professional growth and development;

• Celebrate excellence, recognising hard work, and providing a modern toolbox to ensure property managers are equipped for the unique challenges they face.

Issues between a property manager and their client can unfortunately occur from time to time. These are often issues around communication or expectations. If you feel you have received unsatisfactory service from a PROMINZ member or they have acted in an unprofessional or unethical manner which is in breach of the PROMINZ code of ethics, you can submit a formal complaint to PROMINZ.

Anyone can make a complaint to PROMINZ. If the person who wishes to lodge a complaint is unable to do this themselves (e.g. they would find the process too stressful or would have difficulty articulating the complaint), a family member or other support person can act on their behalf as long as this is indicated as part of the complaint and authorisation is given to PROMINZ to communicate with the support person on behalf of the complainant.

The PROMINZ complaints process enables complaints to be raised about PROMINZ members with the objective of ensuring that professional standards are maintained and the PROMINZ code of ethics is adhered to. The PROMINZ complaints process does not provide for financial penalties against PROMINZ members or the awarding of costs or financial redress to complainants.

First steps

If you wish to make a complaint about a PROMINZ member, the first step you need to take is to complain directly to the property manager concerned. If they do not reply, they do not resolve your complaint within 15 working days or you are not satisfied with their reply, then you may be able to bring your complaint with PROMINZ. Where a complaint does not fall within PROMINZ’s scope (e.g. it is not about a PROMINZ member or it is not within the scope of the PROMINZ code of ethics) you may be given advice or guidance as to other relevant bodies that may be appropriate to refer your concerns to.

Laying a complaint with PROMINZ

PROMINZ can only consider complaints about an individual PROMINZ member. You can contact PROMINZ to check if a property manager is a member. PROMINZ is unable to investigate complaints about a company or practice that members are employed by or associated with.

You should then review the PROMINZ code of ethics and identify which part of the code you are alleging that the member has breached. All complaints will be assessed against the code of ethics and the evidence you provide to support the alleged breach so it is important that a complaint is made on the basis that a PROMINZ member has breached the code and has not just done something you don’t like.

You can then complain to PROMINZ outlining:

1. Who your complaint is about

2. What your complaint is about

3. What part of the PROMINZ code of ethics is alleged to have been breached and any supporting evidence you have that substantiates the allegation

4. What communication you have had with the member about the issue and what their response has been

5. What outcome you would like as a result

6. Your details or the details of your support person (full name, contact details)

7. Personal information disclosure authorisation (see below)

All complaints should be made in writing, preferably electronic, to Alternatively, your complaint can be addressed to PROMINZ, Level 3, Gleneagles Building, 69 The Terrace Wellington 6011, New Zealand. Once your complaint has been received, you will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint along with detail of the process and timescale for reviewing your complaint.

There is no fee to lodge a complaint.

Complaint disclosure and right of reply

When a complaint is received, and after the PROMINZ president (or nominated representative) has checked that the complaint is related to the code of ethics and that the individual being complained about is a PROMINZ member, the complaint is referred to the PROMINZ complaints board and an investigation is started. The first step that the complaints board will take in its investigation will be to seek a response to the complaint from the member.

To ensure a fair and transparent process and, in accordance with the principles of natural justice, details of the complaint including the name of the complainant are disclosed to the member. At the time of lodging the complaint the complainant will be required to provide PROMINZ with authorisation to disclose their name and complaint particulars to the member so that the PROMINZ member can undertake a full review of the case particulars. If the complainant does not give PROMINZ authorisation to disclose the complaint particulars, the complaint will not be processed or put forward for investigation.

Each party will be given a right of reply. This means that the PROMINZ member will see the full complaint and the complainant will be provided with the member’s response to the complaint for comment.

To download or view the full PROMINZ complaints procedure please click on the attachment below.