Our Professional Communities (excluding the New Zealand Institute of Valuers) have established a robust and consistent process for individual members to achieve registration in our Professional Communities.

This registration process is important because it demonstrates to our clients and stakeholders that PINZ registered members have proven knowledge and capability to provide professional property services to clients. It also provides the Institute with a platform to push for member exemptions from legislation. Applicants must first meet the criteria to apply for registration then maintain their registration via payment of an annual fee of $205.

The Professional Communities that exist under the Property Institute umbrella are:

  • Commercial Property Managers Institute (COMPRO)
  • Property Advisory Council (IPAC)
  • Plant & Machinery Valuers Institute (PMVI)
  • Property Managers Institute of New Zealand (PROMINZ)

To gain registration, the member must have been a full member (MPINZ) for at least 12 months prior to application, have complied fully with the Institute's CPD program. 

The registration process involves:

An interview with a panel of branch and Professional Community representatives

  • 3 examples of professional work.
  • Supplying evidence that the CPD requirements are fulfilled (including 4 yearly completion of Ethics and Standards modules).
  • 2 nominations or letters of recommendation.
  • Supplying a current Curriculum Vitae.

  • Please contact us at membership@property.org.nz  if you have any questions about the process for registration. 

The New Zealand Institute of Valuers is represented by the Valuers Registration Board and has an existing defined registration process through the Valuers Registration Board. The Valuers Registration Board provides a manual on the requirements for registration as a valuer, which is available here.