23rd June 2023

Dear Members,

A review has been undertaken on NZPGP 601 Methods of Measurement by the Property & Valuation Standards Board and they have issued an updated guidance paper.

NZPGP 601 Methods of Measurement - Published 23 June 2023 -  Effective 01 July 2023 is recommended best practice.

Scope of this GP
This Guidance Paper is to provide a national guide to members for the consistent measurement of buildings. It is intended to be used for the purpose of valuations, property management, property analysis, leasing and sales.

The updated NZPGP 601 Methods of Measurement is now available to view on the website.

Effective Date
This GP is applicable from 01 July 2023. Earlier adoption is permitted and encouraged. This GP replaces NZPGP 601 Method of Measurement in effect from 01 July 2021 and will be withdrawn 30 June 2023.

Register for the Rentable Areas & Updates To NZPGP 601 Methods Of Measurement webinar being held on 30 June 2023.

Join Mark Bowden as he walks through the recently released PINZ/PCNZ Guide for the Measurement of Rentable Areas NZ. Mark will be joined by Jason Williams Property & Valuation Standards Board member who will provide an update on the revised guidance paper NZPGP601 Methods of Measurement.


If you wish to contact the Property and Valuation Standards Board or Standards Administrator, please email standards@property.org.nz.

Kind regards,

Blue Hancock
Property and Valuation Standards Board

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