Promoting the profession
One of the strategic priorities we have as a Plant and Machinery Valuers Council, is to promote the profession.
Our industry needs more professional practitioners and it has long been a goal of the Council to better explain the pathways to PMVI Registration and provide better support to those people who have an interest.
We also understand the process can be a bit of a handful. 
As you can see below, this newsletter provides some insights into our thinking and direction of travel.
One of our most exciting opportunities has been the creation of our own web portal within the Property Institute framework which is going to be a one-stop shop for PMVI members.
As a resource, we're ambitious about seeing it continue to grow over time.
Visit and have a look or you can click on the image.
There has been a lot we've achieved, and I would encourage members to visit the webinar library HERE  and events directory HERE, where you'll find a number of past and upcoming sessions that have had our input through the excellent education sub-committee led by Andrew Lieu. 
All of us can play a part in growing our profession so please help us spread the word.

Plant and Machinery Valuers Institute Council

Member Pathways
Your PMVI Council has been leading an initiative in collaboration with the National Support Team to give members a clearer picture of the different pathways open to them as they begin, or develop, their careers.
If you’re considering Plant and Machinery Valuation, know someone who might be, or looking to advance your current professional status, this may offer some helpful pointers.

Study Groups:

PMVI is hosting a series of workshops for members preparing for MPINZ and Registered PMVI exams. 
There are two more sessions to go in September and October covering topics prescribed within the PMVI study guidelines.
See below to register.
Study Guide:

Supporting our potential registered PMVI valuers on their journey, we have put together a study guide.
This guide has been prepared for the PMVI Membership exam and interview, which is a requirement to obtain full membership.

Click HERE for the study guide
PMVI Membership Exam 
Congratulations to the three or four of you who passed the PMVI membership exams in the last calendar year and are now moving on towards becoming Registered Plant & Machinery Valuers in 12 months
Eligible applicants wishing to complete the PMVI Membership exam (MPINZ) in November must contact the Membership Secretariat to be registered. Click here to contact our membership secretariat.
The exam will take approximately two hours and can be sat in Wellington, Auckland or Christchurch.
Click below or HERE to register.

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