Message to NZIV Members: 
Critical Worker Exemptions

Dear Members,
It has been a extremely frustrating week for myself as President seeking clarification from officials at the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment  (MBIE) on the status of Registered Valuers as critical workers under ‘Omicron Phase Two’.

There have been numerous email responses and replies, none of which have offered the clarity that I would wish to offer members.

Members will be aware that ‘critical worker’ status provides exemptions/discounts from close contact isolation periods provided a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) has been achieved.

Workers passing the ‘critical’ test also get easier access to RATs & businesses wanting to be part of this process have to apply through this portal

However, despite ‘Financial Services’ being classified as ‘critical’ on MBIEs on website – further communications with MBIE have revealed that it does not consider Registered Valuers as ‘critical workers’ (even though the work we often do is critical for the smooth operation of banks and insurance providers).

Instead MBIE has suggested our members look at the ‘Bubble of One’ option – details of this can be found here.

Many members will be able to take advantage of this, but I am still dissatisfied with the responses I am receiving and I continue to doggedly pursue officials and the Minister/s to get a better answer on your behalf.

I do apologise that this information is not as clear or straight-forward as any of us would wish, but you can be assured our efforts are not over.

I'd also appreciate contact from any member or member companies which might have already applied and been granted the 'critical worker exemption' so we can establish precedent for others.  Members can email me:

We will keep you up to date as more information comes to hand.

Warm regards

Adam Binns
New Zealand Institute of Valuers

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