Vaccination & Events Policies 


11 February, 2022

Dear Members,

The Property Institute of New Zealand Board and the New Zealand Institute of Valuers Council has adopted the following policies to protect and safeguard the wellbeing of members in the coming weeks and months as the country navigates its way through the Covid 19 pandemic.

Your Board and Council has delivered consistent and responsible leadership throughout the past two years and as we move to the next phase we have been thoughtfully considering how to continue to deliver quality services and events that maintain member health and safety as the top priority.

Obviously, it remains our preference to host in-person events provided they do not expose members or communities to undue risk.

We have been working closely with the Property Institute Chief Executive, Viv Gurrey, and the National Support Team to develop strong policies in this space since the pandemic began and we are confident the following policies strike the right balance.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we implement these strategies for the benefit of the Institutes and provide continuity of service to you into the future.

Both these policies will be regularly reviewed to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose.


  1. This applies to all PINZ and NZIV branches and event attendees. The policy also applies to internal governance meetings such as Board and Council meetings.
  2. At all traffic light settings, PINZ and NZIV require that attendees are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and show a My Vaccine Pass on arrival. PINZ and NZIV have introduced a vaccination policy (below and on the websites) which provides further detail. Where an attendee cannot show a valid My Vaccine Pass, they cannot be admitted to the event. The PINZ Chief Executive is available to answer any questions that event organisers may have prior to the event about non-vaccinated attendees attempting to access PINZ and NZIV events.
  3. At the red setting, venues may also cap numbers at less than the 100 maximum that is permitted under the COVID-19 Protection Framework.
  4. Under all COVID-19 Protection Framework levels, all businesses and services are legally required to display the official NZ COVID Tracer QR code posters in a prominent place at or near the main entrances to each of their premises, as well as one alternate form of record-keeping for people who do not use the COVID Tracer app.
  5. Branches must only hold branch events at venues that comply fully with the requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework and can confirm that there are robust protection measures in place to ensure that meetings and events can be held safely and in compliance with government guidance.
In addition, branches must:
  •  Display on all event fliers or promotions that the event is being run in compliance with the requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework
  • Ensure event organisers are educated in and comply with all government guidelines relating to holding an event under the requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework
  • Comply with the requirements of the event venue
  • Remind attendees to stay home if they are feeling even remotely unwell
  • Respectfully refuse entry to any attendee that arrives at an event presenting any symptom of cold or flu
  • Recommend attendees wear a face covering wherever possible, except when eating or drinking
  • Ensure all attendees record their visit using a QR code or an alternative suitable method of recording. If a manual record is used this requires a full name; address; cell phone number and email address. These records should be maintained safely respecting privacy for 60 days and then destroyed, see the tracking attendance section for further detail.
If additional clarity or assistance is required on any of the above, contact the Chief Executive Officer directly for guidance.
Tracking Attendance
The PINZ Chief Executive Officer must be in a position where she can immediately provide health officials with an accurate record of every person who attended a PINZ or NZIV event if requested and required to do so.
Branches must check attendees at the event against the list of registered participants and add the name, address, and contact details of every non-registered person that attends any branch event and provide this to the Administration Secretariat at within 48 hours of an event being held. This information will be held securely for 60 days and then destroyed.
Every attendee at a PINZ or NZIV event must ensure that they log their attendance using the COVID Tracer App or by manually entering their details at the venue.

The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy applies to all PINZ and NZIV employees, Boards, Councils, members, contractors, facilitators and volunteers. The policy also sets out expectations of visitors to our workplace and at events run by PINZ/NZIV and the PINZ/NZIV branch network. This includes members, attendees at face-to-face events and meetings, clients, guests, tradespeople and service providers/visitors.
With immediate effect:
  • All attendees at any face-to-face PINZ or NZIV events or meetings are required to be fully vaccinated unless they are medically exempt.
  • All visitors to the PINZ National Support Centre must be vaccinated unless they are medically exempt. Some exemptions to this do apply e.g. for non-standard deliveries or tradespeople but strict safety measures are in place to mitigate risk.
  • All PINZ/NZIV face-to-face branch activities and events will require attendees, including the National Support Team, facilitators, guest speakers, and members to be fully vaccinated unless they are medically exempt.
  • For the purposes of this policy, being fully vaccinated means having received all doses of a government approved Covid-19 vaccine; and showing PINZ a vaccine pass or vaccine certificate if requested.
  • PINZ and NZIV will not be holding medical information on its members or other stakeholders. Sight of your vaccine pass or vaccine certificate will be sufficient to gain entry to the PINZ National Support Centre or Institute event.
  • Members and event organisers should also be mindful of Health Order 70 which requires close contacts and those returning a positive test to isolate in their usual place of residence (which for visitors, includes accommodation).

Members, your Board and Council appreciate that there are a range of strongly held views on the Covid response and the measures being put in place to keep New Zealanders safe.
However, we have a duty to maintain our legal, moral and ethical responsibilities so that members, their wider communities and businesses can be confident in the measures we have taken to keep people safe.
Your understanding and co-operation are critical for the continued delivery or face-to-face events and we thank you in advance.
Luke van den Broek
Property Institute of New Zealand
Adam Binns
New Zealand Institute of Valuers
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