September 21, 2021

Auckland moves to Alert Level Three

With most of Auckland due to move to Covid Alert Level Three at midnight the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) is recirculating its advice for professionals operating under these conditions.


Firstly, NZIV is not in a position to issue blanket advice on whether properties can be inspected, and it is up to individual firms or valuers to determine whether they can undertake the inspections of particular properties, having due regard to public health guidelines.
The NZIV's position is that it is for individuals and/or businesses to determine if they can satisfactorily meet all the MIBE and Health advisories for the Alert level operating in their locality.
If valuers do determine to physically inspect properties, all parties (for example the valuer, the owner, the occupier, and/or the agent) should agree to observe the Alert Level 3 restrictions (physical distancing, extra hygiene, face covering, etc) and ensure the process is as ‘contactless’ as it can be.  A brief paper trail to show the physical inspection was necessary, the occupant had agreed to the inspection and that restrictions and requirements be observed is recommended.
We have put together a briefing document – COVID Valuation Issues – to summarise the advice which has been obtained. Hopefully members will find this useful. Here is a link to the FAQs.

The NZIV Council wishes its Auckland-based members a strong and speedy recovery, and like the rest of the country we are hopeful that this may be the last Lockdown event of this scale.

Adam Binns
New Zealand Institute of Valuers