Alert Level Update - September 7, 2021

With areas outside of Auckland due to move down to 'Delta Alert Level Two' at 11:59PM the New Zealand Institute of Valuers is again urging members to know the rules and follow public health guidance.

Businesses can open at Alert Level 2, but they legally must follow public health rules, including record keeping. All workers should keep at least 1 metre apart, where possible.

Some workers legally must wear a face covering.

Travelling in or out of an Alert Level 2 area for business

Business travel across an Alert Level boundary is only allowed for permitted reasons. If your employees need to cross the Alert Level boundary, they will need evidence that their travel is permitted.

Auckland-based NZIV members need to be mindful of the advice previously offered relating to operations under Alert Level Four.  These can be found HERE.

Opteon has kindly allowed us to reproduce elements of some useful advice offered to its employees which is below:

Prior to the inspection

  • When planning your valuation run ensure that you have reviewed the relative COVID restrictions for your local area and the area in which you will be working
  • If applicable, when booking the inspection, request that all doors and windows dressings are opened, lights on, and that there is unencumbered access to all areas of the property that you need to inspect for the purpose of the valuation.
  • Ask any occupants whether there is anyone in the property who is in any form of quarantine or self­ isolation, over 70, or who has a compromised immune system. Request that the occupant/s wait outside until the valuation is complete.
  • Inform any occupants how long the valuation inspection will take.

When you arrive at the property

  • Valuers must wear a fitted face mask during a valuation.
  • If applicable valuers must sign into any QR "check in" codes when prompted
  • All Valuers should use hand sanitiser to clean your hands
  • Where possible avoid direct skin contact with any gate or gate handles/latches
  • Avoid direct skin contact with any doorbells or knockers. You can use the tip of a pen or pencil, your elbow, or a tissue to make contact with the surface
  • You may also choose to wear gloves and shoe covers when performing the valuation

When greeted by the occupant

  • Do not make any physical contact with the occupants, or any animals that greet you at the door .
  • You may request that the occupant and anyone else on the property wear a mask . If the occupants refuse, it is your decision whether to continue with the valuation .
  • Advise the occupant that you are very mindful in the current circumstances of protecting the health and safety of everyone in the property.
  • Talk them through any PPE you will be using.
  • If anything the occupant says, their appearance, or the state of the property indicate you should not proceed with an internal valuation inspection, do not proceed. 
  • If the valuation is to proceed and you are offered any PPE or hand sanitiser by the occupant, please respectfully decline and revert to your own health and safety guidelines. 

When you are in the property

  • Do not touch any surfaces in the property .
  • Ask that the occupant lead you through the property to ensure you can access everything you need to. Ensure you are practicing physical distancing and provide clear instructions to the occupant regarding where you want them to go and any assistance that you require.
  • Limit any unnecessary conversation with the occupant.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth, or mask at all times.

When leaving the property

  • Thank the occupant for their assistance
  • Stand at a safe distance, 2 metres, and allow the occupant to ask any questions or make any comments about the property . It is preferable not to re-enter the property unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Remain at an appropriate physical distance until you have completed your exit, including remembering not to touch or shake hands with the occupant and do not touch their pets.
  • Avoid direct skin contact with any gates or gate handles/ latches .

When you reach your vehicle

  • Wipe down any items that may have contacted surfaces in the property with an antiseptic wipe if possible and place the items into a separated place in your vehicle. Something as simple as an open­ topped box on the passenger seat will suffice.
  • Safely remove your PPE and clean your hands with a hand sanitiser. 

In between valuations

  • If you are using public/ service station toilets, please ensure you are mindful of the surfaces you contact. Do not touch your face. Wash your hands thoroughly and use hand sanitiser when you return to your vehicle. Please take note in your Outlook Calendar of all places that you visit on your journey.
  • When undertaking valuations, you should not have anyone else in the car with you, not even a member of your family.

Many NZIV members will have their own health and safety protocols, the above has been provided on an 'information only' basis to assist property professionals who may be uncertain about good practice in these uncertain times.

NZIV also offers its thanks to Opteon for sharing the above protocols which we hope members find useful.  It should be noted the protocols apply equally to commercial properties as to residential properties.

As President of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers, I also wish to offer my most sincere sympathies to those members who remain locked-down in Auckland.  We know that this will be a difficult time for you and please be assured that your Council is working hard to ensure you get the best support we are able to provide as we work our way through the next steps.

Adam Binns
New Zealand Institute of Valuers