Published 30/08/2021

NZIV Follow-up: Can I inspect a property?

Dear members,

Following up on our most recent advice from MBIE relating to the status of Valuers under a split Level Alert system.

A number of you have contacted us to pose the question 'Can I inspect a property?'.

Unfortunately, the New Zealand Institute of Valuers is not in a position to give you a blanket 'yes'
 or 'no'.

In theory inspections under Level 3 can be carried out, but only if the official public health guidelines listed in our earlier communication can be satisfied.

You can also find “Guidelines for operating at different alert levels" here-

As Valuers, we all know each job is different (which is why we love the work so much), and every workplace is unique with different Health & Safety processes and safeguards.

The NZIV's position is that it is for individuals and their workplaces to determine if they can satisfactorily meet all the safeguards which the Government may put in place.

We will be following today's announcements with interest and will provide you with further information as it becomes available, particularly if there is a move to toughen Level Three restrictions as has been suggested may be the case.


Adam Binns
New Zealand Institute of Valuers