Valuer Survey:
Help us by providing feedback on the profession

Over the next few weeks we are conducting a survey of New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) Members so your Council can have a clearer understanding about the way certain parts of our system are working.

We have not carried out a valuer-specific survey for a number of years although, of course, we have had useful access to the broader survey conducted by the Property Institute which offers some insights into the feedback that you, our members, are putting forward.

This year, however, your NZIV Council wants to do a deeper dive into some of the bigger picture thinking, and ask NZIV members specifically for their feedback on the profession. We'd really appreciate it if you took some time to complete the survey.

One area where your Council has received ongoing and consistent feedback is around the Valuation Ordering Services (VOS). We hope the survey below will give us strong insights into how the VOS system is impacting the profession.

Alongside this survey the NZIV Council is also reviewing its broader strategy with plans underway to take a look at whether the NZIV Rules and NZIV Code of Ethics require any updates. We will be asking ourselves if these have aged well, and whether they are still fit-for-purpose in modern times.

Covid-19 has taught us that being nimble and responsive is incredibly important, and as President I believe your Council has responded effectively and appropriately.   In particular, we are very pleased to now have the NZIV website, with this providing easy and clear access to valuer specific information in a “one-stop shop”, yet still linking back seamlessly to the PINZ website.

Goodbye 2020
As we close in on the end of the year I wish to pay tribute to all the councillors, Branch committees and other members who have contributed their time to advance the profession, and maintain the high professional and ethical standards which are expected of us, especially in extraordinarily trying times.   As members of the profession, we all need to continue to raise the profile and awareness of the important responsibilities we assume as impartial professionals with prescribed obligations.

That has been a particular focus for us this past year as pandemic uncertainty has consumed the global economy.   
With 2021 within reach, I would like to wish you all a very happy festive season and a prosperous (and perhaps less challenging) New Year.Jeff Alexander
New Zealand Institute of Valuers