NZIV Council announces new valuer-focused role

New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) is pleased to announce the creation of a new role within the Property Institute that focuses on the needs and requirements specific to valuer members.

The General Secretary - NZIV position will soon be advertised seeking applications from suitably qualified candidates.

"This person will be the identity and driving force behind every aspect of NZIV that requires technical knowledge. The successful candidate will reflect the credibility and respect of the profession and exhibit these traits in everything he or she does," says NZIV President Jeff Alexander.

"This will be a pivotal senior leadership position reporting to the Chief Executive  of the Property Institute of New Zealand and is a unique opportunity for the successful candidate to use their experience and reputation to add significant value to NZIV and the valuation profession."

The role focuses on activities, tasks and objectives of a more technical nature, many of which involve general day-to-day running of the Institute.  The General Secretary will work to deliver outcomes that support the core role of  the NZIV Council and maintain good and effective governance of the Institute.  

The position will offer an NZIV and Registered Valuer lens and expertise in the day-to-day management, operations and executive issues.  The General Secretary - NZIV will be part of the PINZ National Support Team and in conjunction with the Chief of Staff handle all the valuer-specific management issues.

"It's great to get this over the line as we continue to improve services and deliver value-for-money to our members," Mr Alexander says.