NZIV Member Update #6 -

IVSC Advice

1 April 2020

Dear Member of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers,

The International Valuation Standards Committee (IVSC) have recently issued a letter Dealing with valuation uncertainty at times of market unrest.

We recommend Members take the time to read this useful publication, along with the Valuation Uncertainty guidance recently issued by NZIV Council in conjunction with the Standards Board:

We can also advise Members that:

  1. NZIV held an unscheduled Council meeting via Zoom yesterday.
  2. We are in dialogue with the main banks to ensure clear lines of communication
  3. We have resolved to host a webinar offering guidance pertinent to our members in the very near future.

NZIV will continue to keep Members informed and provide any further guidance as it comes to hand.


Jeff Alexander
New Zealand Institute of Valuers