PMVI Membership Exam November 2022

  • 09 November 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm
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  • Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch , New Zealand

About the Event

How to apply:
Eligible applicants wishing to complete the PMVI Membership exam (MPINZ) must contact the Membership Secretariat to be be registered. Click here to contact our membership secretariat.

The exam will take approximately 2 hours and will be observed by a member of the National Support Team or PMVI Council.

Wellington Exam is being held on 9th November.

Auckland Exam is being held on 16th November.

Study Guide:
Click here to download the Plant and Machinery Valuers study guide.
This guide has been prepared for the PMVI Membership exam and interview, which is a requirement to obtain full membership.

Membership Pathway:

CPD Points