Webinar Series: The value of fresh water rights in New Zealand Part 1 of 5

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About the Event


The application of water rights in New Zealand is complex since the ownership of water has come under considerable scrutiny as there are many stakeholders; with different groups having different perspectives. Despite the issuance of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 and the 2017 amendment, and its associations with the Resource Management Act 1991 there are different localised regulations which have significantly impacted agricultural land use options and/or farming intensity, therefore productivity. Tradability of water rights introduces further complexity. The valuation of rural land is in turn affected or potentially affected.

The Foundation has commissioned Dr Gary Garner to prepare and facilitate five industry seminar/workshops over the next few months, to identify those issues most pressing to the rural valuation profession that relate to water rights and report to the Foundation. This process will start to untangle the myriad of issues of concern to rural valuers and confirm water rights matters requiring further examination and/or dissemination to the profession in later communications.



As an introduction to the series, this webinar will provide an overview of this complex topic, acting as a primer for later sessions. It is designed to both inform and interact (as much as possible) with participants regarding the major considerations for industry professionals needing to take account of the value of water rights - particularly in their capacity as valuers. The discussion will be led by Dr Gary Garner, a long-time industry practitioner and researcher in this area, and formerly lecturer in rural valuation in both Australia and New Zealand. Gary will provide a presentation which will include an up to date overview of how water rights operate in New Zealand, and a summary of the raft of considerations that might be taken into account by property valuers and other related professionals.As preparation, participants are encouraged to read through the VEIF publication on the Value of fresh water rights in New Zealand located here.

This is a VEIF event run in conjunction with PINZ and will be run over five webinar sessions.

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