Webinar Series: The value of fresh water rights in New Zealand Part 4 of 5

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The application of water rights in New Zealand is complex since the ownership of water has come under considerable scrutiny as there are many stakeholders; with different groups having different perspectives. Despite the issuance of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 and the 2017 amendment, and its associations with the Resource Management Act 1991 there are different localised regulations which have significantly impacted agricultural land use options and/or farming intensity, therefore productivity. Tradability of water rights introduces further complexity. The valuation of rural land is in turn affected or potentially affected.
The Foundation has commissioned Dr Gary Garner to prepare and facilitate five industry seminar/workshops over the next few months, to identify those issues most pressing to the rural valuation profession that relate to water rights and report to the Foundation. This process will start to untangle the myriad of issues of concern to rural valuers and confirm water rights matters requiring further examination and/or dissemination to the profession in later communications.



Webinar 4 – Government Policy & Regulations

14 May 2020 - 1:00pm

This webinar builds on earlier sessions, extending the topics by examining the impact of the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (as the top planning instrument for the Resource Management Act), and the obligatory role Councils have in responding to this legislation. This includes developing plans and polices that evidently underpin the granting of consents, allocations and water permits. It also looks at the related complexities and influence of water conservation orders, consented freshwater takes and the National Environmental Standard on ecological flows and water levels.

Guest speaker(s):
Elizabeth Soal

Elizabeth is the Chief Executive of Irrigation New Zealand, which represents farmer-irrigators, irrigation schemes, and the irrigation service industry. She previously worked as the Director of Strategy and Policy at the Waitaki Irrigators Collective and prior to that as a social development policy advisor. Until recently she sat on the Technical Committee of the International Alliance for Water Stewardship, based in Edinburgh. The Alliance aims to improve water-related outcomes across the globe through the setting of internationally-agreed water stewardship standards.

Elizabeth is currently working towards a PhD in Geography at Otago University which focuses on past and present freshwater governance in New Zealand. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Politics and undergraduate Degrees in Politics and Law.

Her role at Irrigation New Zealand includes communicating to decision-makers and the wider community around the benefits of irrigation and well-managed water use and how that contributes to our collective wellbeing.

Murray Doak
Based in Christchurch, Murray has a background as an irrigating farmer involved in arable mixed cropping until 1996. Since then he has been involved in water policy analysis and project investment advice roles. Currently employed by the Ministry for Primary Industries as Senior Investment Adviser, Sector Partnerships and Programme, his role is to complement the governments primary industry policy reforms with particular emphasis on water quantity and quality management. He was previously Senior Policy Analyst, contributing policy advice on water, arable and regional development – having been involved in several different capacities in the Canterbury Water Management Strategy and its forerunners since its inception in 1999.


Webinar 1Introduction & Overview: Water rights in NZ23 April 2020 1.00pm
Webinar 2Legal Considerations30 April 2020 1.00pm
Webinar 3Matters relating to Māori7 May 2020 1.00pm
Webinar 4Government Policy & Regulations14 May 2020 1.00pm
Webinar 5Summary & Conclusions: Valuation principles & procedures21 May 2020 1.00pm

This is a VEIF event run in conjunction with PINZ and will be run over five webinar sessions.