Webinar Recording: Cash Flow & Forecasting

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About the Event

This webinar includes:

-Overview of Cash-flow & Budgeting

-Understanding the difference between cash-flow and profit and how they influence each other.

-Getting started on budgeting for the non-accountant, including on how to engage management teams to be accountable for their budgets, compiling meaningful information to base budgets on.

-Measurement of results against budgets and how to interpret.

Presented by Carole Pedder from Withers Tsang Chartered Accountants,

About Carole:

As a chartered accountant in public practice, every day involves deployment of my professional training and technical skills into the rough and tumble of real-world challenges. I’m a resilient advisor that brings to the table two decades of experience guiding, supporting, and nurturing my client’s business in all walks of life.

My clients know me to be a straight shooter with the experience to help them see situations for what they really are not what they may perceive them to be.

I hold a Masters in Professional Business with a Major in Taxation and this has been an enduring benefit for my work with the property sector where tax law is complex, ever changing, and critical to client success.

My down to earth approach ensures my clients build a deep understanding of their affairs and understand the logic behind the decisions I am guiding them on.