Important Updates to the Anti Money Laundering Act

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About the Event

The battle to beat international & domestic Money Laundering is now a very real part of almost every transaction we do as Property Professionals.

Join the highly regarded Dr Nicholas Gilmour as he explains phase two of the Anti-Money-Laundering Act and how this affects you.

This webinar will cover:

- The New Zealand ‘Phase Two’ AML/CFT Act.
- Organised crime and Terrorism Financing.
- Background to the Act.
- Policy development.
- The who, what, when and how of 'Phase Two'.
- Reporting entities.
- Obligations.
- Implementation.
- Policies and Procedures.

Nicholas was involved in the policy development of the ‘Phase Two’ legislation as a member of the New Zealand Police Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU). Nicholas has also published widely on various aspects associated with anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing. This is an absolute must for Property Professionals in the current environment.