The Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery(IPM) Valuation Community guides the professional activity of the Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery Valuation profession in New Zealand and is the primary body providing education, advocacy and professional standards to the profession.

IPM Valuers participate in providing asset (non-real property) valuations for banks, financial institutions, insurers, local and central government, private business, stakeholders and the general public.

The IPM community has been serving members since the 1980’sand is committed to the growth and development of the industry both locally and internationally.

Registered IPM Valuers are qualified to provide independent infrastructure, plant and equipment valuation advice for fixed assets including mobile plant, industrial equipment, fixed assets within the manufacturing, processing and tourism industries, airports, ports, local body and other reticulation assets. Other areas of specialisation including aviation, marine and all aspects of heavy machinery.


A registered IPM Valuer can be engaged when:

  • Upgrading, building, buying or selling assets
  • Financing or refinancing assets
  • Making asset acquisition decisions
  • Reviewing asset values for financial reporting or tax assessments
  • Assessing capital gains
  • Assessing insurance value(s) for renewal
  • Making a claim for insurance purposes – resulting from natural disasters or other events
  • Valuing property for matrimonial purposes, arbitration or other litigious matters
  • Business mergers, acquisitions or dissolution involving assets

Many Registered IPM Valuers also offer specialised skills including:

  • Arbitration and negotiation
  • Expert testimony and litigation support
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Market analysis and market rent studies
  • Asset/portfolio management
  • Business valuation
  • Pre-accident assessment of value

What makes a PINZ Registered IPM Valuer different from a non-registered asset valuer ?

A Registered IPM Valuer is an asset valuer (non real-property) who has been registered and recognised by PINZ as an expert in their field of practice. Depending on their area of expertise, not all Valuers are eligible be to become Registered IPM Valuers.

Pathway to Registration:

There are different membership levels on the pathway to registration depending on your circumstances and aspirations:

Affiliate Membership*: Affiliate members are required to obtain appropriate education through a reputable learning institution or relevant work experience prior to application. Once an Affiliate member, you are expected to progress within the profession in accordance with the PINZ pathway.

Full Membership MPINZ: Full Membership may be applied for upon the completion of two years of relevant work experience, obtaining two years of 20 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points and passing the IPM MPINZ exam.

Registered IPM Valuer: Registered Valuer status is awarded to members upon completing one year work experience post obtaining MPINZ membership and passing a registration interview.

Senior Membership SPINZ: Senior Membership may be granted to a member, upon application, following 5 years of Registered IPM Valuer status.

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*Affiliate members are neither qualified nor permitted to sign off reports.

CPD points:

Aspiring, Practising and Registered IPM Valuers must complete and record online a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activity each calendar year (one credit is equivalent to one hour of learning time).

The CPD credits may come from the following categories:

1. Membership of PINZ Branch Committees and/or Councils

2. Attendance of PINZ Events (National or Branch) including Field Trips, Webinars, Seminars etc.

3. Attendance of Other Events accepted as Professional Advancement and/or Educational Activities

These points must comply with the PINZ CPD policy .

All members must participate in and successfully complete the Institute’s Professional Ethics and Professional Standards modules once every four years.

Council Members


Andrew Liew MPINZ


Basil Roberts SPINZ MRICS

Graham Bayley FPINZ

David (Dave) Baxter FPINZ

Marvin Clough SPINZ