The Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ) is one of the country's foremost membership organisations representing property professionals.

We have more than 2,000 members working in a broad range of fields throughout New Zealand and the world. PINZ is a leading media contributor and commentator on the property industry, fostering debate, providing advocacy, and representation on topical subjects and relevant issues.

PINZ was formed in the year 2000 to act as the voice of property professionals and incorporated the membership of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV), the Institute of Plant & Machinery Valuers (IPMV), and the Property & Land Economy Institute of New Zealand (PLEINZ).

These days, its membership is mostly made up of Valuers, Property and Facilities Managers, Property Advisors, Consultants, Infrastructure, Plant and Machinery Valuers, and Residential Property Managers. But over time it has also attracted a number of other professionals such as property lawyers, investors and developers, with further broadening of the membership base planned.

PINZ offers a range of benefits, products, and services to members, including regular research, publications, networking, online resources, and continuing professional development (CPD).

The Institute is a leading professional body for standards, qualifications and ethics, and works with government, industry and other groups to promote our standards and views.

Our members play an active role in promoting professionalism, ethical conduct and innovative thinking.