Charting our journey together.

After more than two decades of service, the Property Institute of New Zealand leadership set about asking some tough questions about why we exist, who we serve, what we do well, what we don’t, and how we can future-proof the organisation so it remains strong and relevant tomorrow and beyond.

Critical to our identity, these questions were key to helping us define our present and frame our future. So after months of work and several iterations, we are delighted to present our refocused strategic plan, which seeks to establish high level principles, values and aspirations for PINZ as it sets itself the goal of becoming ‘The Home of Property Professionals’, where our unique blend of members are our focus.

We have identified three main priorities, which are underpinned by high ethical and professional standards - with a programme of delivery that centres on the needs of our members and supports them through their career journey from graduation to retirement.

What became clear as we engaged with members during this process, is the immense professional pride they drew from being part of the Institute. They agreed that as a group we are stronger together, sharing experiences, knowledge and best-practice. They agreed that our place was one of leadership – where professionalism and raising standards should be at the heart of our mission.

At this time we wish to thank everyone who shared their thoughts with us, whether it was through the member survey, at the various AGMs, or providing feedback through your professional community or branches. The Board have distilled your feedback to establish our refocused strategic framework. This agenda is backed by an implementation plan and key performance measures to ensure the Board holds itself accountable for delivery, and to ensure our vision remains front and centre in everything we do. 

We invite you to read it, examine it, understand it, and work with us to make PINZ the natural Home of Property Professionals.