New and updated Guidance Papers are drafted by working groups within the Property and Valuation Standards Board (PVSB).

An Exposure Draft document released for consultation will be available on the PINZ/NZIV website. Notifications will also be sent to members and any identified interested parties. A consultation period of four to six weeks will normally be allowed for feedback and comment.

Responses will be collated, and the Property and Valuation Standards Board (PVSB) will consider what amendments are appropriate to apply to the Exposure Draft. If the feedback received indicates that a major change from the Exposure Draft is necessary, the PVSB may issue a second Exposure Draft for consultation.

The PVSB may decide to modify or depart from the consultation procedures set out above.

After considering feedback received during the consultation period any amendments deemed appropriate will be made and a final version of the document will be approved for publication, including the date upon which it is deemed to be effective.

The PVSB will ensure that there is sufficient time and training available to members prior to the effective date of any new or updated guidance paper.

Please note:

  1. Exposure Drafts do not have any formal standing until they are adopted by API/PINZ/NZIV  as being suitable for use by Members.
  2. They must not be relied upon, reproduced, or used by any Member or any other party for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Reliance should be given to currently adopted/approved/sanctioned Guidance Papers only.
  4. Members and the general public are warned that Draft Guidance Papers may be at various stages of the development and review process and, that they may change or be amended during this development process.

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Open Exposure Drafts


Closed Exposure Drafts

NZVGP504 - Valuation of Dwellings Under Construction
& Dwellings to be Built or Previously Unoccupied New
11th March 202422nd April 2024The PVSB Is currently reviewing the feedback received from the exposure draft.
ANZVGP 104 - Insurance Assessments8th February 202324th February 2023The PVSB Is currently reviewing the feedback received from the second exposure draft.
ANZVGP 103 - Addressing the Concept of Forced SaleNa18 November 2022Revised ANZVGP 103 - Addressing the Concept of Forced Sale - Published date of 14th December 2022.
ANZVGP 104 - Insurance AssessmentsNa18 November 2022The PVSB Is currently reviewing the feedback received. A second exposure draft is to be released.
ANZPGP 201 - Disclaimer QualificationsNa16 November 2022A final paper has been released as of 20/04/2023.
ANZVGP115 - Contamination Issues - Real PropertyNa30 September 2022A final paper has been released as of 07/02/2023.