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Webinar 2022 Recording: Preparing for Registration Presented by Valuer-General Neill Sullivan, this webinar is tailor-made for graduates and their supervisors and will cover how to be best prepared for the three-year journey from graduation to registration.
2022 Webinar Recording: Understanding Valuation Governance In NZThis free webinar is designed to clarify the different roles and responsibilities of key peak body organisations involved in the registration, membership mandating and compliance activities of Registered Valuers.
VRB Registration Manual & Application Form Links directly to the VRB portal where you can download the latest version of the manual. The application form is found at the back of the pdf manual.
The New Zealand Valuers Journals

Access to electronic copies of the journals

VRB disciplinary decisions issued against registered valuers The Valuers Registration Board has made available copies of disciplinary decisions issued against registered valuers dating back to 2010. These decisions have been anonymised by the Board’s legal representative. There may be some errors and/or omissions from these documents which are prepared for education purposes only.

IVSC and Guidance Paper Resources

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IVS & Guidance PapersLinks directly to the current IVS and Guidance Papers. IVS consists of mandatory requirements that must be followed in order to state that a valuation was performed in compliance with IVS. Certain aspects of the standards do not direct or mandate any particular course of action but provide fundamental principles and concepts that must be considered in undertaking a valuation.
2022 Webinar Recording: Valuation of Rural & Agribusiness Properties (ANZVGP 109)The updated GP supports Valuers to navigate rural and agribusiness valuations considering current market trends and fundamentals. This GP aids best practice, procedures and processes to facilitate appropriate reporting.
2021 Webinar Recording Key Updates to IVS with Blue HancockThe latest IVS becomes effective from 31 January 2022. Hear from Blue Hancock as he highlights the key updates. The latest version of the Standards brings greater depth and clarity to the IVS.