Welcome/Nau mai, haere mai

We are delighted to invite you online to a conference that is inspirational and educational and, well, just a bit different than an in-person conference. There is a stellar line up of international, and national speakers who may not have been able to appear in person. This promises to be an impressive online conference not to be missed.

The technical topics have been developed in collaboration with senior professional leaders with currency and relevancy front and centre. Sessions are being structured to be succinct and powerful with timings to fit with working life and school pick-ups and drop-offs.


The conference theme is “Changing landscapes, moving beyond our bubbles” and explores the forces that are changing our physical landscapes and daily lives. We will also explore our journey as we step out from our Covid ‘bubbles’, socially, domestically and internationally, as New Zealand’s economy rebuilds.

Get informed and inspired

Get informed and inspired with our keynote plenary and technical speakers.

Get energised

An online National Property Conference like no other held before inspires something different. Not only is there a sensational line up of plenary and technical speakers, there is "Afterburner - The Pursuit of Flawless Execution". This is an exclusive to conference webinar series by Christian "Boo" Boucousis, former fighter pilot. Boo focuses on increasing performance using the lessons he learned in a high-performance jet fighter Squadron, and as a business founder and owner for over 25 years. Boo provides an inspirational kick-starter over four mornings with:

  • Fighter Pilot Mindset
  • Deep Performance Mindset
  • The Power of the Debrief!
  • Your Questions Answered

Get a feel for the inspiration that is Afterburner.