The Award

The Iain Gribble Memorial Award is the New Zealand Institute of Valuers Premier Award that may be awarded annually to a member that has given significantly in the area of mentoring and support to the valuer community, who embraces the comradery of the profession and who is an advocate for valuer concerns and issues. In this respect, the widest discretion may be exercised in the determination of “mentoring”, “support” and “valuer advocacy” though it should be noted that long service to the NZIV, for which other forms of recognition are available, will not be of paramount consideration. Only one award can be made each year and the award need not be made in any year in which the awarding panel considers that no nominee has reached the desired standard.

Eligibility Criteria

The award is open to any member of the NZIV and a nominee’s contribution may have been made in either a single calendar year or over a longer period.

Nomination Requirements

Nominations for this award must come from the branch network but it should be noted that the award is made at the discretion of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers (NZIV) Council and the awarding panel may make the award to any person being a member of the NZIV and not necessarily to an individual nominated by the branches.

To make a nomination for the award, branches must submit a completed nomination form with the following supporting attachments:

A statement outlining the nominee’s role in the valuation profession including their history of providing mentoring, advocacy and support to the valuation community

Three written commendations from mentorees, colleagues, clients or New Zealand Institute of Valuers members with a focus being on the support that the nominee has provided to them as part of their professional development

Evidence of engagement with and contribution to their professional community

Awarding Panel

The awarding panel will be comprise the President and Vice Presidents of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers whose decision must be unanimous. The decision of the awarding panel is final.

Awards Shortlist

Nominees that are shortlisted for the award will be notified by mid June.

Award Presentation

The presentation of the award will be made at the PINZ National Property Conference in Auckland on 14-16 July 2021.