Since 1996 in an ever changing Valuation industry with ever changing technology, Valbiz and its predecessors have been the reliable go to source for Sales data.
Analysis, Job management and Document storage capabilities followed.
Now Valbiz Version 8 is integrated with multiple data sources to provide a Practice with their own, up to date Property database and an end to end business solution.

Headway Systems was born in the 1990's out of an idea from the late Ted Fitzgerald and a desire by the New Zealand Institute of Valuers to protect the business critical supply of Property Sales data to their members.
Ownership was and has remained 50% NZIV, who contributed their own fledgling database, and 50% interested members.

About Valbiz V8 

At its simplest Valbiz V8 is your practice’s own future proofed property & sales database. Search for comparable sales & view up-to-date and detailed property information.

Valbiz V8 is designed to be your practice’s own property centric IP capture point. All activities associated with property documentation can be easily accessed by all in your practice via the Valbiz Property record.

Reduce your risks & prevent conflicts of interest. Streamline your information pathways with Valbiz V8.

Add the Valbiz Analysis module to capture, calculate & report out Residential, Rural & Commercial analysis.

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