The New Zealand Institute of Valuers has 18 branches across provincial and metropolitan New Zealand. 

The functions/objectives of the branches are:

  1. To promote and encourage ethical conduct among valuers 
  2. Preserve and maintain the integrity and status of valuers 
  3. To provide opportunities for the acquisition and communication of knowledge in relation to the valuing of land and related subjects 
  4. To consider and suggest amendments to the law relating to the valuing of land and related subjects
  5. Provide means for the amicable settlement of professional differences
  6. To protect and promote the interests of the profession of valuing and the interests of the public in relation to valuations of land and related subjects
  7. To carry out ANZIV interviews as per the ANZIV Interview Process 
  8. Fellowship considerations
  9. Provide Continuing Professional development to members by way of Site tours, keynote speakers and seminars

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All members of the Institute residing within the boundaries of any Branch shall be members of that Branch, unless, having regard to the place of residence or the place of employment, the Council is of opinion that any of its members could be more conveniently included in some other Branch, in which case the Council may include such member in such other Branch.

The business of each Branch shall be conducted by a Branch committee, which shall consist of not less than five members elected by the members of the Branch at an Annual General Meeting of the Branch.

If you would like to get involved on your local branch committee please email and we will connect you with your local branch committee.