Continuing professional development (CPD) comprises ongoing learning and education activities that enhance the professional knowledge and competency of individual members.

As part of maintaining the standards of professional competency referred to in the NZIV Code of Ethics, every member shall, unless exempted by Council, participate in an ongoing annual programme of Continuing Professional Development in accordance with guidelines published to membership from time to time by the Institute.

Ovearseas NZIV Members

Overseas NZIV members who are not practising in New Zealand as from 2023 are automatically exempt from undertaking Continuing Professional Development. If you feel this applies to you or you are looking to move overseas, please ensure that you have contacted the Membership Secretariat at to apply for your exemption.

Useful Links

CPD Diary

Verified CPD points are automatically issued by NZIV when marking attendance for face-to-face vents and online learning modules or when the verification process is completed by members for webinars and online events. Verified CPD can only be entered by NZIV and the members directly.

Suggest a CPD Topic / Speaker

If you have a CPD topic or speaker you would like to recommend please email