Working as a Registered Public Valuer can be a mentally stimulating and financially rewarding career path.  Registered Valuers are currently in strong demand as our professional services are often required by a wide range of clients including financial lending institutions, insurance companies, property developers, local and central government or any property owner. The Valuation profession comprises approx. 1200 members many of whom are approaching retirement. Given the current dynamics choosing a career in valuation could give you the fast track to a career in property.

Why Valuation? 

A career in valuation also has the potential to allow for flexible working hours as you take on as many or little assignments as you like.

Registered Valuers undertake a wide variety of work across a range of asset classes including commercial, retail and office, industrial, tourist accommodation, civic buildings, infrastructure and land, and residential. Due to the heterogenous nature of property no two jobs, or days are the same!

Registered valuation work is well suited to people who have strong analytical skills, good written and verbal communication who are able to act with impartiality and adhering to a high ethical standard.

Average daily tasks may include:

  • providing advice on land and property financing and valuation matters
  • researching and advising on the administration and use of land and property
  • Providing feasibility analysis on new developments or subdivisions
  • analysing land and property investments
  • Advising on property uses or redevelopment options
  • Undertaking insurance assessments 
  • Assisting tenants or landlords in rental setting / negotiations
  • examining property, selecting methods of valuation, and producing valuation assessments
  • giving evidence in legal proceedings, mediating on valuation matters and providing rental determinations for arbitration purposes.

Becoming a Registered Valuer

The first step to becoming a Registered Valuer is to enrol in one of the many degree programs (or post graduate diplomas) recognised by the Valuers Registration Board (VRB). This includes a Bachelor of Property from the University of Auckland, Rural and Urban programmes available at Lincoln University or Massey University.

Following graduation, you are able to work as a valuer under the guidance of a Registered Valuer. You will be required to complete three years of full-time experience prior to applying to be Registered by the VRB

In order to work as a Property Valuer, you need to be registered with the Valuers Registration Board (VRB). To be registered, prospective land valuers must

  • Be at least 23 years old
  • Have at least three years of valuing experience working directly under a registered valuer
  • Be of good character
  • Have a recognised qualification.

The Registration process generally involves submitting a portfolio of work, along with CPD compliance and references following which you sit an oral examination.

You can find out more information from our 'Preparing for Registration Hub'