About The Professional conduct Committee (PCC)

The role of the PCC is to ensure that where the NZIV decides to investigate a complaint against a Registered Valuer, a properly constituted Committee undertakes that investigation fairly, in accordance with the rules of natural justice. Accordingly the PCC acts as an investigative body.  Although it is constituted by NZIV Council and acts only in accordance with its delegation it makes its decisions with respect to each complaint independently. 

The PCC operates under a formal Terms of Reference, which sets out the role, functions and procedures of the PCC.

Under the Valuers Act 1948, the Valuer General, who is appointed by the Crown, performs a range of functions on its behalf, including the investigation of certain complaints against Registered Valuers. Accordingly, each party has a statutory role in the regulation of Registered Valuers and a common interest, as investigating parties, in the efficient and robust determination of complaints against Registered Valuers. As such, NZIV and the Valuer General have recorded and entered into a Memorandum of Understanding.

Professional Conduct Committee Members

David Paterson (Chair) Registered Valuer, FPINZ, FNZIV

Mark Dow, Registered Valuer, FPINZ, FNZIV

Stephen Dunlop, Registered Valuer, FPINZ, FNZIV

Nigel Kenny, Registered Valuer, FPINZ, FNZIV, FRICS, ANZIOB

William Blake, Registered Valuer, ANZIV, FPINZ

Martin Veale, Registered Valuer, ANZIV, SPINZ