If you're considering a career in the property industry, the information below will help point you towards where you can learn the skills, what careers are available, and what opportunities you'll find in the industry.

Why Property?

Property is extremely wide and diverse, with an enormous array of different careers within the industry.

Property skills are generally easily transferrable from one property profession to another and there is strong global demand. Earning potential is excellent and hard work is typically rewarded.

There are good opportunities for personal development and career progression.

Skills Property Professionals Need

Are you cut out for a career in property? Not everyone has what it takes.
You need to:

  • Enjoy travel.
  • Enjoy being away from your desk.
  • Seize opportunities for income growth.
  • Be prepared for promotion.
  • Be prepared to manage your own business and set your own work hours.
  • Welcome creative opportunities and enjoy flexibility in your working life.
  • Learn what makes property tick.
  • Be entrepreneurial.
  • Have good interpersonal skills.
  • Like working closely with a team.
  • Have strong analytical abilities.

    Career Options

    Property offers a massive & growing variety of careers to choose from. It is one of the largest industries in the world and there is a global shortage of experienced property professionals to fill the positions that will be on offer in the future.
    The shape of the industry is also rapidly changing, borders are no longer the barrier they once were, and technology is becoming an increasingly important part of a property professionals skill-set.

You can search available positions and sign up to job alerts by visiting www.propertyjobs.co.nz a job listing platform specifically designed for Property Professionals.