The current fees for membership of the Property Institute of New Zealand and/or the New Zealand Institute of Valuers are listed below.

Membership of the Property Institute is voluntary for suitably qualified professionals and those studying towards an appropriate qualification.

Property Institute membership is complementary to those who have paid for and met the entrance criteria of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers. Membership of the New Zealand Institute of Valuers is compulsory for anyone holding registration as a Valuer in New Zealand.

Full Rate -------------_______--- Annual Cost ------------ Non-Valuer Registration ------ Education Subsidy
Student n/a n/a n/a
Graduate (Year One) $ 363.40 n/a $103.50
Graduate (Year Two) $ 651.00 n/a $103.50
Graduate  $1033.50 n/a $103.50
Affiliate $ 651.00 n/a $103.50
Member (MPINZ) $1033.50 $205.00 $103.50
Senior (SPINZ) $1033.50 $205.00 $103.50
Fellow (FPINZ & FNZIV) $1033.50
$205.00 $103.50
Retired  $ 103.50 n/a n/a
Overseas $ 595.00 n/a n/a
Non-Practising $ 651.00 n/a $103.50

Non-Practising is defined as: A member who has ceased to practice in ANY property profession.

Retired is defined as: Any member retired from ALL paid employment.

Career breaks (e.g. parental leave, short duration OE up to one year) MUST be applied for annually. Applications for 2022 must be lodged by December 31, 2021, no late applications will be accepted. Career Break Concession $140.00 annual membership fee. Download the form here. 

One-off application fee for advancement of Property Institute membership: $125.00.

One-off application fee for advancement of Institute of Valuers membership: $230.00.

To apply for NZIV CPD exemption please click here

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