The current fees for membership of the Property Institute of New Zealand are listed below. All fees include GST.

Membership Type Annual Cost (2024)  Non-Valuer Registration
Education Subsidy
Student membership  n/a n/a n/a
Graduate 1st year membership $ 448.00 n/a $103.50
Graduate 2nd year membership $ 724.50 n/a $103.50
Graduate membership $1146.50 n/a $103.50
Affiliate membership $ 724.50 n/a $103.50
Full membership (MPINZ) $1146.50 $205.00 $103.50
Senior membership (SPINZ) $1146.50 $205.00 $103.50
Fellow membership (FPINZ) $1146.50 $205.00 $103.50
Retired membership *$ 113.50n/an/a
Non-Practising membership **$ 724.50n/a$103.50

* Retired is defined as any member retired from all paid employment.

** Non-Practising is defined as a member who has ceased to practice in any property profession. 

Membership Concessions                   Annual Cost                                                                                                -
Overseas status$661.75
Career Break ***$169.00

*** Careers break concessions must be applied for annually and received by 31 December of the year prior.

No late applications will be accepted. Example: applications for 2024 must be lodged by December 31, 2023.  

Membership Advancement Fees

PINZ Membership Advancement : $125.00 

One-off application fee for advancement of Property Institute membership

Please note: As of 15th June 2021, we will no longer be accepting cheques for any Property Institute transactions.