Members of the Property Institute of New Zealand follow a clear Code of Ethics in the services that they provide.

These ethics encompass a professional duty:

  • to render service to their clients and employers with fidelity
  • to practise their vocation with integrity, honour and professionalism
  • to act impartially and objectively when providing independent advice
  • to respect the public interest.
  • to act within their level of competence, skill and/or experience.
  • to respect confidentiality
  • to conduct business in a professional manner
  • and not to act in matters where a conflict or potential conflict has been identified without consent

Additionally, Registered Valuers (members of the Valuers Community) must also act with strict independence and are not permitted to act as advocates or agents while performing their role as a Registered Valuer. Please note however that the complaints process with respect to Registered Valuers is different.

Any person may lodge a complaint with the Property Institute concerning any member where that member is alleged to have:

  1. Violated any part of the Institute's Rules or By-laws, or mandatory sections of the Code of Professional Practice;
  2. Committed any civil or criminal offence punishable by imprisonment;
  3. Knowingly been involved in any dishonest practice or dealing;
  4. Engaged in conduct prejudicial to the good name of the Institute; or
  5. Obtained admission to the Institute by improper means.